Why You Need a Vision Board for 2022

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If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably on a journey to take ownership of your life and make one of your dreams come to reality. You’re now about understanding the power of manifestation and have probably already come across inspiring content relating to concepts like the law of attraction.

As with every step and detail involved in personal transformation, no concept stands alone. The moment you begin to learn about the process of manifestation, other concepts then come into play, like affirmations, meditation, and the likes. No idea can stand alone as each idea works to compliment the next.

In addition to practices that are encouraged during this journey, one of the most talked-about things you need to do is create a vision board. So this piece will be about uncovering the concept of a vision board, learning how to do it, and understanding how it ties in with the journey of manifestation and personal transformation.

Understanding a Vision Board

Vision boards aren’t tasks just given to people for the sake of doing so. It’s an intentional and well-thought idea that’s produced several success stories from even the most famous and influential people worldwide.

Many thought leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, and Gabrielle Bernstein have supported the idea for many years and given exceptional motivational talks and speeches based on the success, truth, and outcomes that have come about from implementing the concept in their own personal lives.

Creating a vision board is meant to be an intentional task meant to form part of you manifesting your ideal world into your reality. The whole idea is to intentionally identify what you want for yourself in life and place all those desires and wants onto a board.

We’ll go into detailed steps on how to go about creating a vision board and also discuss the secret that will bring the vision to life. Still, the whole point of this task is to intentionally surround and inspire yourself with thoughts and ideas that will remind and lead you to knowing exactly what you want for yourself.

As with anything that requires dedication and devotion, things won’t just automatically change in your life like magic. You need to invest yourself in the project and make an effort to actively make this reality come to life. The vision board is just a powerful and highly influential task to keep you on track and inspire your thoughts, feelings, and mind to operate positively.

How to Create a Vision Board

Step One: Be Intentional

Before we go into the actual steps of creating the vision board, you have to be intentional about the project. You need to soak yourself in the moment and dedicate yourself entirely to the process.

Part of devotion means understanding that you’re bound to encounter a few hiccups along the way. This can discourage you and make you feel like the project isn’t working or is taking too long, but by being intentional and choosing to dedicate yourself, you decide to stick to the vision through thick and thin.

Step Two: Define Each Dream

Knowing what you want for yourself is one thing, but defining the dream is another. Yes, you may want to own a Mercedes someday in your life, but defining this dream means outlining when you want that Mercedes and possibly working out how you intend on going about things to get it.

You have to be exceptionally thorough in your detailing that it leaves no room for you to have any questions about anything. Be specific about every little detail and leave no room for any loopholes.

You need to keep in mind that vision boards are only relatable to your professional and career areas of life. It should encompass all spheres of your life, be it your health, relationships, finances, spiritual growth, lifestyle, personal growth, emotional balance, and more.

Step Three: Remain Inspired

This step involves you searching for role models. Affirmations, words, or quotes that you know are influential triggers to your being. You need to brainstorm these inspirations and make yourself available to them each time you think of the vision board and are looking for something you know touches your being enough to keep you motivated and inspired.

This can be anything you find to move you. Whether it be a motivational speech you found on YouTube by your favorite motivational speaker, a work, memory, or inspirational quote, find something you know to move you enough to keep you going.

Step Four: Begin the Process of Collections

This is the practical step of the process that now involves you collecting everything that looks or resembles your visions so you can copy and paste them on your physical board. Get creative and be as free as you want. Make it fun and thorough with sticky notes and marker comments just to make the board as authentic and “you” as possible.

Don’t limit yourself in this regard. The vision board is meant to be your personal project intended to speak to you and you alone. It doesn’t need to be understood by anyone else, so make sure you keep everyone, and everything else shut out when doing this. Don’t be afraid to make the board busy, colorful, 3D, and as detailed as possible.

The Secret to Make it Work

Once you’ve completed the vision board to your satisfaction, you need to place the vision board in a visible space or part of your personal space that you’re constantly in contact with. The secret to making this work is to make the vision board as visible as possible, so you’re constantly in contact and in constant view of what you want for yourself.

Doing this allows your subconscious mind to begin to believe these surroundings and images as a way of life. In turn, you start believing this, and that’s how it feeds the universe and starts to manifest in your life.

In Conclusion

Creating a vision board for yourself will play a significant role in helping you get closer to what you want. Remember to be intentional about this. With the right attitude and dedication, you’ll start to see results in no time.

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