Which Health Insurance Provider will work for your family

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Which Health Insurance Provider will work for your family

Finding the perfect cover for your medical needs is a challenge. Many companies offer similar packages, and it isn’t easy to figure out which one is best. If you’re looking for cover but aren’t sure what operator best suits your needs, then read on to find out.


This provider specializes in Medicare Advantage plans. It has 43 of them sold in 37 states. It’s received top NCQA ratings, and from 2020 the Aetna packages are available in 264 new counties. The insurer also sells supplement and prescription medicine policies in all 50.
In addition, it offers a combination of dental, vision, and hearing product supplement insurance. The company is a large provider of employer-based health products. Aetna’s added benefit is that its pricing seems to be at lower levels than many of its competitors.
The organization recently became part of the CVS Health Company, and its members are enjoying added benefits. For example, plan subscribers with high blood pressure can get free home monitors. Chronic disease management may also be available at its centers.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

This operator is the best for nationwide coverage. A third of Americans have health coverage from Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The company has thirty-six locally operated plans offered across 50 states.
Nationwide over 96% of hospitals and 95% of practitioners contract with the operator; this is more than any other organization. Thirty-one of the entities under the parent company scored significant ratings at the NCQA. Ten Anthem Plans scored best on customer satisfaction surveys, and eleven of the insurer’s Medicare Advantage Plans were also highly-rated.

Cigna Health Insurance

The company offers the best global coverage. It sells a product called Expatriates Insurance, which services 170 million customers around the world. The service network contains 1.5 million medical professionals and gives members access to doctors in over 200 countries.
The organization employs more than 70,000 people that provide services in more than 170 languages. It’s top four plans were highly-rated in NCQA, and it has one of the lowest complaint rates in the industry. The core products consist of medical and dental packages for individuals, offered across seventeen states.


If you’re looking for complete umbrella protection, then Humana is one of the best providers to join. The company offers broad-based health and welfare systems. It’s private policies cover a lot of expenses that other plans don’t. These include costs such as glasses and contact lenses, prescription drugs, dental visits, crowns, and extras.
It also has several packages for people living with chronic conditions. Some of the services it pays for include movements from a hospital stay to home care and meal delivery. It also is one of the few companies that offer special needs policies for individuals with severe ailments or living in an establishment.

Kaiser Foundation Health Plans

This provider is one of the best if you’re looking for HMO plans. All of the highly-rated private and Medicare Advantage packages the Kaiser offers are this kind. It’s perfect for people looking for budget health insurance because these style of premiums are usually lower and often with no deductibles. Co-payments and prescription medication costs may also be lower.
A disadvantage of the HMO plans is that you’re restricted to a network of doctors and hospitals. The policy does provide the essential services you need, including screenings, immunizations, and other preventive care. Kaiser’s packages have affordable premiums.

United Healthcare Services Inc.

Members who are tech-savvy and like to control their plans and health programs using online tools and resources will appreciate UHS services. You can file claims, set up medical appointments, and find doctors online through its consumer-driven digital system.
The organization is pushing wearable techs such as smart baby monitors for high-risk infants, glucose management, and activity trackers for improved health. Clients can track their wellbeing using various devices such as an Apple watch.
Thirty-four of United’s Medicare Advantage plans are highly-rated, including many sold under Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company. The organization’s HMO and PPO plans are available with access to the healthcare savings accounts and flexible spending accounts. Its packages are a little more expensive than its competitors, but it may be worth it for all the extra features.

Final Thoughts

Choosing medical insurance isn’t always straightforward. It’s challenging to find a company that suits your needs perfectly. If you’re looking for the best nationwide coverage, you should consider Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but if you’re traveling overseas, then the best provider is Cigna Health Insurance.
Aetna specializes in top Medicare Advantage plans, while the Kaiser Foundation offers highly rated HMO policies. To get the best umbrella cover, you should speak to Humana’s consultants, which covers many expenses that other plans don’t.
United Healthcare Services is an ideal provider that believes in managing your health and policy digitally, perfect for tech-savvy individuals.

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