Redefine Your Workout With Fabletics

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We all know by now that you need more than just a can do attitude when it comes to working out. Athleticwear has become a key component of any workout routine. From Pilates to yoga to cross fit, the right gear can make a huge difference.

Luckily the days of gym shorts and spandex are long behind us. There is now athleticwear that blends high fashion, comfort, and technology to help us look good, feel good, and be better when we workout.

One of the premiere brands of athleticwear that achieves this is Fabletics!

What is Fabletics?

If you’re somehow not familiar with Fabletics, Fabletics is an activewear company founded in 2013 by Hollywood actress and fitness powerhouse Kate Hudson. Her vision was to blend fashion with functionality to create workout clothing that could let women feel and look their best while working out.

Her vision has expanded beyond just fashionable workout gear thanks to partnerships with fellow celebrities like Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, and Kevin Hart. There have also been partnerships with other major clothing brands like Nike to take the clothes and the science behind them even further.

Fabletics is now a household name with sales worldwide, partnerships across the globe and more than 50 retail stores here in America.

More Than Just Workout Clothes

Fabletics look great and always have new styles and patterns coming out to keep you looking your best, but did you know they’re more than just workout clothes?

Fabletics gear is designed to be worn anywhere , so you can be comfortable in anything.

Fabletics clothes are made to move with your body and give the perfect amount of stretch, making them ideal for any type of activity. When it comes time to put on a special outfit or suit, Fabletics clothing has the versatility that will make even the most formal wearable again.

Blending Science With Fashion

What sets Fabletics apart from other workout brands is its focus not only on designing high-quality products but also how they impact your performance during exercise.

Working with brands like Nike and researchers at labs at Harvard, they’ve developed clothing that actually helps you get more out of your workout .

Their patented fabric is unique in that it provides the perfect amount of stretch, helping to move with your body and give you a muscle-building boost. But unlike other fabrics designed for working out, Fabletics clothing also has a high level of breathability due to its patent pending sweat wicking technology, making these an ideal workout partner no matter what type of activity you’re into.

They’ve also combined the latest in compression technology to give you superior support and to help promote blood flow and circulation while you’re active.

Fabletics is Made for Everyone

Fabletics has a huge selection of styles and colors with sizing options to suit any body type or size – so you’re sure to find the perfect fit!

The quality is excellent while the prices are very reasonable – from sports bras that give you all-day support without limiting your range of motion to running tights built to help keep your muscles warm on chilly days, Fabletics offers an unbeatable combination of style and function at unbeatable prices.

So whether getting ready for work out in the morning before heading into the office or going full throttle in a late evening workout session after returning home from work, they’ve got just what you need .

Contrary to popular belief, Fabletics is about more than just yoga pants, they’ve rapidly expanded their clothing line over the years to include everything you could ever need whether you’re jogging, running, swimming, training for the next big triathlon or even something more extreme.

Now Men Can Join in Too!

Thanks to partnerships with stars like Kevin Hart, Fabletics has expanded to offer a full range of clothing for men as well. Kevin Hart isn’t the only one to get on board either, stars and athletes are all trying to get in on the athleticwear innovation.

Fabletics has really embraced their motto of “Redefining fitness with fashion” by offering clothes that work not only as great workout wear but can be worn just about anywhere you go.

With a wide range of styles to choose from ranging from modest two piece sets perfect for jogging at night to high cut shorts and crop tops that are great for outdoor activities, running shorts, and tank tops for guys, there’s something for everyone no matter what level they’re at with their fitness routine .

This means that pro athletes and beginners alike can get the same level of comfort, fashion, and fitness boosting benefits by wearing Fabletics.


Exercise and fitness is great for everyone no matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran of many years and having the right clothing to go along with your exercise routine can make all the difference.

Fabletics is a company that believes in inclusion and giving everyone something great to wear that’s fashionable and functional at the same time. If you’re looking to update your workout wardrobe, definitely give Fabletics a try.

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