How to Relieve my Baby’s Cough

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With the arrival of winter, the environments dry out because of heating and this causes an excess of cough in adults and babies. If you also find that your baby has many snot, something very normal if he is less than one year old, you will notice that your little one is irritable and upset. It is important to follow a series of tips that will help you relieve your baby’s cough at night. Keep reading because it is very easy and if you follow them in a few days, you will notice the difference.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, to relieve your baby’s cough you must keep the spaces of the house well ventilated. Take advantage in the morning when you get up to open all the windows well for at least 20 minutes. Doing so helps eliminate the excess heat produced by heating as well as the dryness of the environment.

2. To relieve your baby’s cough you can also place a container of cold water near the radiators. This is useful especially in those houses where the floors and part of the furniture are made of wood. The wood dries the environment a lot and placing a container with water makes the environment somewhat more humid and will help your baby cough less.

3. A third tip that we propose to relieve your baby’s cough is to place a humidifier in your bedroom. There are hot water and cold water and either of them fulfill the same function. In especially dry environments, the cold water model is recommended.

How is this device used? You should turn it on one hour before putting your baby to bed and let it work for another two hours. It should not be left to act all night. You’ll see how your baby coughs less during the night!

4. A very useful method to fight nighttime cough is to slightly incorporate the mattress of your baby’s crib, so that he will sleep lightly incorporated. Do not lean too much so that it is not uncomfortable but do it enough so that your baby can have the most unclogged nasal passages. In this way, you will have a less clogged nose and can breathe better, and consequently cough less.

5. Do not forget one of the most important things: the hydration of your little one. The more water you drink, the more hydrated you will be and the less mucus you will have. You will see how the water helps to liquefy the mucus and expel them through the nasal passages more easily, which will allow you to sleep all night long.

6. You can also fill the bathtub with very hot water until there is steam in the bathroom. Get with your baby in the bathroom and wait a few minutes for that steam to breathe. That steam is really useful to unclog your baby’s airways and liquefy the mucus. You will see how relieved you feel when you leave the bathroom.

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