Don’t let the Holidays get to your weight!

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Don’t let the Holidays get to your weight!

The holiday season is about celebration, spending time with loved ones, and glorious feasts with the family. When we’re in ‘vacation mode,’ though, it’s easy to overindulge while becoming less active than usual.

Packing on a few extra pounds seems inevitable, but is it really?

Not at all! You can still enjoy holiday cuisine and maintain your weight by incorporating our top tips into your vacation routine. Check them out below.

Portion Sizes

Controlling your consumption is vital to maintaining your weight. Start with the basics. For example, try to munch only during designated times. You could also dine with friends or family to avoid eating alone or when you’re bored.

This goes for vacation time too. Experts say that being mindful of portion sizes is one of the best ways to maintain healthy habits. During the holidays, most people forget about their New Year’s fitness resolutions and lose themselves in the moment. To avoid this, try to set specific portion amounts and only consume the allocated amount of calories each day.

If you’re eating for reasons other than hunger, ask yourself why and what triggered it. This can help you understand your nutrition habits and patterns better. Preplanning and having set meal times also assists in curbing compulsive snacking.


The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to work out with the family. This is another crucial component in maintaining weight. Although we’re not touting any specific diet or plan, we do recommend incorporating some form of physical activity into your routine.

Any exercise is excellent, but aerobic training is advisable for those who want to lose or maintain their weight. Whether you take a walk, do some yoga, go on a hike, or enjoy a bike ride, anything that gets your heart rate up and metabolism going is fantastic.

Four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes is ideal. If you can’t manage that, though, then even two or three sessions are extremely beneficial. Try getting into a routine right at the beginning of the holidays – your body (and your waistline) will thank you for it.

If you’re going on vacation, then it might be challenging to incorporate your usual workout routine. That’s okay, though. Even if it’s not a traditional gym session, any form of physical activity will help keep your weight in check.

You could start with a simple morning or evening walk. It boosts your mood and supports weight management.


Staying hydrated is essential for the body. If you want to do it naturally, drinking plenty of water is the only way to go.

However, if you get bored with H2O, try adding a lemon or lime. This is vital to maintaining your immune system and overall health. You could buy a designated bottle that’ll help you get enough of your daily fluid intake.

Healthy Eating and Holiday Hiccups

You can also try substituting high-calorie grub for low-calorie alternatives. These can still be delicious snacks, but not full of added sugar that quickly turns into unwanted weight gain.

Avoid artificial cookies and sweets that are rampant during the holidays. If you’re in the mood for a treat, opt for something nutritious, like a granola bar, trail mix, or a piece of fruit.

Prep Your Meals

To ditch ordering fast food and other unhealthy options, we recommend meal prepping or kits. These can be a fun way to mix up your schedule and try new cuisines while staying within an ideal calorie range. Whatever your goal is, prepping and healthy choices will undoubtedly help you in this endeavor.

Try planning five meals per week at first, and if it suits you, you can increase the number from there. Prep options are usually popular among those who don’t mind eating the same thing several times a week. So, if that’s you, give it a try.

Snack Beforehand

If you’re heading to a party, prepare by having a nutritious snack beforehand and make sure you drink enough water. This helps to curb overindulging later on.

Another way to minimize your calorie intake is by preparing your own treats. Take a fruit salad or other low-fat snacks to divert your gaze from less scrupulous alternatives.

Don’t Underestimate Breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast is another often-underrated tip for vacational weight control. If you give your body the fuel it needs to meet the demands of the day; there’s less chance that you’ll slip when you feel cravings or pressure to eat out.

Stay The Course

Self-control isn’t always easy when you’re on a break, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to weight gain.

Start simple: Eat a healthy breakfast and swap sugary treats for nutritious snacks. Then, by watching portion sizes, exercising regularly, keeping hydrated, and prepping your meals, you’ll keep the scale unmoving.

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